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Modern Warfare Twitch Drops not working | How to fix

Earning rewards in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) just by tuning in to watch your favorite streamer on Twitch almost sounds too good to be true. Unfortunately, for many people, that’s proven to be true as they’ve found themselves unable to claim their prizes despite satisfying the necessary requirements. If you’re having Modern Warfare Twitch Drops bug out on you, here’s what to do.

Where are my Modern Warfare Twitch Drops?

Modern Warfare Twitch Drops

In order to figure out what’s going on with your Twitch Drops, the first order of business is to try and discern whether or not the streamer you were watching had Twitch Drop functionality enabled. If the phrase “Drops are enabled!” wasn’t present in green lettering at the bottom left of the stream, then you are not eligible for rewards.

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The streamer you’re viewing must have linked their Call of Duty and Twitch accounts, and you must also have done the same. If you have linked your account and remember seeing “Drops are enabled!” in the corner, then you’re encountering a different issue. As one final check, ensure that you watched the eligible stream for the relevant number of hours required to claim any of the Twitch Drops detailed below.

  • One hour — ‘Poison Grapes’ spray
  • Two hours — ‘Looking Grim’ emblem
  • Three hours — ‘Collect Your Soul’ calling card
  • Four hours — ‘Reap This’ weapon charm

If you’ve also done that, then you might be lucky enough to find that you’ve already got the rewards and just haven’t been notified either on Twitch or in-game. By heading to the “Identity” section of the “Barracks” tab in multiplayer, you can check to see whether the Twitch Drops have been stealthily credited to your account, though do be aware that many players are reporting delays.

If they aren’t there for you, currently it’s just a matter of playing the waiting game and crossing your fingers. Many players have reported receiving some, but not all, of the rewards they’re eligible for, so it’s possible that Twitch Drops are being pushed out gradually.

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