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Modern Warfare Double XP and 2XP | Codes, Weekend, Mega XP

If you’ve got hold of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you will be wanting to know how to get hold of Modern Warfare Double XP and 2XP. Thankfully, that’s exactly what we’re here for. In this guide, we’ll let you know how to get hold of Modern Warfare 2XP codes and how to activate them. There are plenty of Modern Warfare Double XP codes out there thanks to the Walmart Modern Warfare Mega XP event. Read on for information regarding any future Modern Warfare 2XP events, too.

Modern Warfare Double XP and 2XP | Codes and Mega XP

Modern Warfare Double XP

There are several ways in which you can get hold of limited-time Double XP in Modern Warfare. These include buying the game from certain retailers, getting and activating 2XP codes from products such as Mountain Dew and Doritos, and during in-game Double XP events. To make things more confusing for you, Walmart is running an exclusive Mega XP event, too. Read on to find out how to get hold of Modern Warfare Double XP in all of its forms.

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Modern Warfare Double XP Editions

Depending on where you’ve pre-ordered Modern Warfare, you should receive a set time to receive Double XP in-game. In the US, if you buy Modern Warfare from Walmart, you will receive three hours of in-game Double XP. You will receive the same three hours of Double XP if you buy Modern Warfare from GAME in the UK.

Picking up the game with three hours of Double XP should help you rise through the ranks relatively quickly at the start of the game, especially. Time to get ahead of the competition.

Modern Warfare Double XP Codes

Lasting until December 31, 2019, you are able to get 2XP codes from participating packets of Doritos, Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew AMP Game Fuel, Slim Jims, and Totino’s Pizza Rolls. In the UK, you can pick up a Doritos Modern Warfare Snacks Box from Amazon in order to grab yourself six packets of chips and six 2XP codes.

Terms and conditions apply for any and all Double XP codes, however. These are as following:

  • Promotion ends 31 December 2019
  • Max 1 hour 2XP per day, per person
  • Max 40 hours per person during the promotional period

You can activate any codes you get from Mountain Dew here, Doritos here, Mountain Dew Game Fuel here, Doritos here, and Totinos here.

Modern Warfare Mega XP

If you buy any of the products listed above from Walmart, you should earn yourself a slice of Modern Warfare Mega XP. This is thanks to Walmart’s Modern Warfare Mega XP event. Any participating product you by from Walmart should see your Double XP turned into Mega XP. This will still give you 2XP for a limited time, but it should last longer than normal.

Any Mega XP code you activate should last for an extra 15 minutes over any other Double XP code you may activate. So if you’re after some Mountain Dew and more XP while playing Modern Warfare, it seems as though Walmart might well be the place to shop. Other stores are available, of course.

Modern Warfare Double XP Events

Modern Warfare Double XP

If you don’t fancy picking up any Doritos or Mountain Dew, there are bound to be other ways of getting hold of Double XP in Modern Warfare. During the course of the game, we will be sure to see more than a few Modern Warfare 2XP events.

Typically speaking, Double XP events in Call of Duty (and most other games) tend to last the weekend. We will, hopefully, see plenty of weekend Double XP events taking place over the next year or so of Modern Warfare. Let’s hope for some week-long Double XP events while we’re at it, too.