Street Fighter 5 Patch Notes | Update 05.001

Street Fighter 5 is still alive and kicking. The latest Street Fighter 5 patch notes for update version 05.001 are heavily based on balance adjustments, with basically every character getting tweaked in some form or fashion. The latest update version 05.001 also adds playable character Gill alongside several new costumes and Battle Bundles. Keep reading to learn everything changed in the latest December 2019 Street Fighter 5 patch notes.

Street Fighter 5 | Update 05.001 Highlights

street fighter 5 patch notes update 05.001

The latest Street Fighter 5 patch notes spell out a ton of changes and balance adjustments to fighters and various attacks. In fact, the full list of patch notes is no less than 43 pages long, with all manner of changes to fighters’ vitality, attack windows, collision box adjustments, damage adjustments, and more.

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Beyond a frankly staggering amount of balance adjustments, the Street Fighter 5 Update 05.001 also notably adds several pieces of DLC, including the new playable character Gill. Alongside Gill comes the Truck Suit costume for all characters, the Sun Chase Moon stage, and the addition of both the Capcom Legend Bundle 3 as well as the Capcom Costumes Bundle 3.

Street Fighter 5 | Update 05.001 Patch Notes

street fighter 5 patch notes update version 05.001 balance adjustments

Here are the Street Fighter 5 patch notes for update version 05.001 as provided by the team at Capcom. For the full 43-page list of adjustments to fighters and attacks, be sure to check out this PDF file featured on the official Capcom website.

Balance Adjustments

  • Behavior After Stun While in Freeze State
    • Changed so that an opponent who is stunned while in the freeze state will not return to normal, and will continue to be in the freeze state.
  • Behavior of Inputting a Throw During the 5F Recovery Window of a Rapid Cancelable L Attack
    • If a throw is input at priority timing during the 5F recovery window of a rapid-cancelable light attack, the regular throw, and not the rapid-cancelable move, will be performed.
  • Behavior After Absorbing a Guard-Break Attack with a Move with Armor
    • Fixed a phenomenon where, if using a move with armor, and upon taking damage from an attack following a guard-break attack from the opponent, guard-break scaling would be applied to the second attack.
  • Behavior After a Certain Part of an Attack That Draws the Opponent in Hits
    • Fixed a phenomenon where, when using an attack that draws the opponent in closer (such as Zangief’s VTI Cyclone Lariat), and a certain part of the attack hits, after the hit the character would be moved to an unnatural position.


  • Playable Character
    • Gill
  • Additional Costumes
    • Story: Gill
    • Battle Outfit 1: Gill
    • Pyron: Gill
    • Truck Suit: All Characters (Free)
  • Additional Stage
    • Sun Chase Moon
  • Battle Bundles
    • Capcom Legend Bundle 3
    • Capcom Costumes Bundle 3
  • Fighting Chance
    • Get costumes and EX Colors for the Four Kings through “Four Kings Festival,” now available in Fighting Chance.
    • The Seasonal “Ryu’s Podium Absence” and “Gill Portrait” has been added to Dojo Fortune.

Battle Related Updates

  • Battle Balance Updates for all characters
    • Implemented V-Skill II

Battle-Related Bug Fixes

  • F.A.N.G
    • Adjustment of “M and H Sotoja” affected unintentional change in the frame advantage/disadvantage in the below 2 occasions.
      • When only the second hit landing on ground opponent
      • When cancel through V-Trigger II activation on block
  • Zeku (Young)
    • The updates below applied to Kaeshi Saiha (Standing HP > HP) were also unintentionally applied to Kaeshi Urasaiha (Crouching HP > Crouching HP). This will get fixed in the next update.
      • Increased the disadvantage on block from -8F to -12F
      • Reduced the pushback on block