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Fortnite Food Trucks | Locations and Map

The latest challenge in Fortnite instructs players to visit different food trucks. Given that the map has changed for Chapter 2, these mobile food vendors are much more scarce than before. Don’t worry, we can help. Keep reading to find where to find food trucks in Fortnite along with a map of food truck locations.

Fortnite Food Truck Locations and Map

Fortnite food trucks locations map

The Fortnite food truck locations are spread widely across the in-game map. Unlike in the first chapter, they are no longer plentiful. As such, many players don’t even know where to begin looking. Thankfully, the food trucks aren’t too hard to spot once you know where to look.

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We’ve found three different Fortnite food truck locations so far:

  • North of Pleasant Park
  • South of Salty Springs
  • North of Lazy Lake

fortnite food truck locations map chapter 2

The food truck north of Pleasant Park should be easy enough to spot: There are a few cars sitting nearby, presumably customers smashing their Durrr Burgers. The food truck south of Salty Springs is also sitting out in the open, just a short ways north of the adjacent river. Finally, the food truck north of Lazy Lake can be spotted due south of the road running through the area. Check the map above to give you a better idea.

The challenge requires you to simply visit different food truck locations, so if it doesn’t complete as soon as the truck is spotted, wait around for little bit. The challenge should complete after a matter of moments. Just be sure not to get sniped while sitting out in the open, as other players are likely to be looking for the food trucks too.

If you do get killed while trying to find food truck locations in Fortnite, don’t fret: The challenge can be completed across several runs. If you’re planning on playing the game for a while, it may even be worth finding the food trucks and waiting for another player to arrive to get an easy kill. That’s battle royale, baby.