Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On | How To Fix

If your Nintendo Switch won’t turn on, don’t worry. There are a few problems that can cause the Switch not to boot, and most of them are simple to address. Here’s what to do if your Nintendo Switch isn’t turning on and tips on how to fix the problem.

How to fix a Nintendo Switch that won’t turn on

Nintendo Switch isn't turning on won't how to fix

If your Nintendo Switch won’t turn on and appears to have no power, you should first ensure that the device is actually charged. It’s not enough to simply plug in the Switch and start playing, as the system requires at least a small amount of charge in order to boot up.

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Here’s what you should do if your Nintendo Switch isn’t turning on:

  • Make sure the Switch is charged. Plug it into an approved AC adapter or battery bank and let it sit for at least 15 minutes.
  • Check the power cable and connection. Damaged cables or loose connections may not deliver a charge.
  • Attempt a hard reset. If the Switch is charged but won’t turn on, perform a hard reset by pressing and holding the power button for 12 seconds. After that, try to turn it on again.
  • Reset the AC adapter. The AC adapter can be reset by unplugging it from both the Switch and the power outlet for at least 30 seconds.
  • Remove any power strips or surge protectors. This is a troubleshooting step meant to rule out any external factors preventing the Nintendo Switch from turning on.

Many players have experienced the surge of fear that occurs when their Nintendo Switch won’t turn on. Typically, this happens after the system’s battery has been fully discharged. Don’t worry, it just needs to juice up a bit before it can power on again.

What if my Nintendo Switch still won’t turn on?

If your Nintendo Switch has an adequate charge, is using an approved AC adapter, and does not respond to a hard reset, it may be time to contact Nintendo Support. Power faults are typically rare, but problems can occur, especially for those who are using third-party AC adapters. Heed Nintendo’s advice: Use only approved first-party power adapters.