Nintendo Switch sales aren’t keeping pace with the Wii’s success, claims report

Nintendo Switch sales have been pretty good for Nintendo, there’s no denying that. It may surprise you to learn, however, that it mostly hasn’t been keeping pace with Wii sales when you compare the two consoles side-by-side according to a new report.

VGChartz is a website that tracks various charts for video games (if it wasn’t super evident from the name). Aside from regularly tracking the sales of games and consoles, the site also occasionally releases reports on items of interest. This time around, they’ve decided to compare Nintendo Switch sales vs. Wii Sales, and the verdict is thus: the Wii has been selling better for all but two segments of time to date, although there are signs that that may be changing.


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The Nintendo Switch actually had a stronger first month than the Nintendo Wii. However, things leveled off in the second and third months, and the Wii had a margin as high as +2 million units at one point, according to VGChartz’s report. The Nintendo Switch spiked again in the tenth month, and the Wii overtook it once again in the 13th month.

Now, the Nintendo Switch is trending upward once again, indicating that it may be able to surpass the Wii’s pace once again. With a ten-year gap between the two consoles, it just goes to show that Nintendo knows how to deliver a product that’s popular with consumers.

What remains to be seen is if the Nintendo Switch will be able to entirely surpass the Wii in the long run. It reportedly sold more than 100 million units, meaning that Nintendo Switch sales are just about halfway there. The lack of competition from a new 3DS could mean that the two market segments would combine towards ultimately stronger sales, especially with the launch of the Nintendo Switch Lite so early in the console’s life. Nintendo has also been aggressive with upgrades, with a newer battery model launched last year and a “Pro” version of the console reportedly on the way.

[Chart image credit: VGChartz]