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Slay the Spire Patch Notes | Update Version 2.0

Update version 2.0 has arrived in Slay the Spire. Among a host of new items and fresh bug fixes, Slay the Spire 2.0 notably adds new character The Watcher. These changes and more have been outlined in the Slay the Spire patch notes version 2.0, so keep reading to learn about everything landing in the newest update.

Slay the Spire Patch Notes 2.0 | New Character The Watcher

slay the spire patch notes new character the watcher

By far the biggest change landing in Slay the Spire update version 2.0 is the new character known as The Watcher. According to the official Slay the Spire patch notes, “The Watcher […] brings her training in the divine stances and a seeing staff to cast judgment upon the wicked Spire spawn.”

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As the fourth character now featured in the game, The Watcher comes with her very own set of cards alongside several different relics. Much of The Watcher’s mechanics have been in beta testing for months, and she’s finally ready to make her debut in version 2.0.

Of course, the fun doesn’t end there. The latest Slay the Spire patch notes for version 2.0 also outline a large number of new relics and potions. These include 12 new items exclusive to The Watcher and 20 new additions otherwise. The update notes also outline several new balance adjustments needed to make sure gameplay is fair across all available characters.

Slay the Spire Patch Notes 2.0 | Full update patch notes

slay the spire patch notes update version 2.0

Here are the full Slay the Spire patch notes for update version 2.0 as provided by the developers at Mega Crit.


  • Lots of Watcher cards.
  • Watcher only, Starter Relic: Pure Water
  • Watcher only, Common Relic: Damaru
  • Watcher only, Uncommon Relic: Duality
  • Watcher only, Uncommon Relic: Teardrop Locket
  • Watcher only, Rare Relic: Cloak Clasp
  • Watcher only, Rare: Relic Golden Eye
  • Watcher only, Boss Relic: Holy Water
  • Watcher only, Boss Relic: Violet Lotus
  • Watcher only, Shop Relic: Melange
  • Common Relic: Akabeko
  • Common Relic: Ceramic Fish
  • Uncommon Relic: Horn Cleat
  • Uncommon Relic: Ink Bottle
  • Uncommon Relic: Strike Dummy
  • Rare Relic: Tungsten Rod
  • Rare Relic: Captain’s Wheel
  • Boss Relic: Sacred Bark
  • Boss Relic: Slaver’s Collar
  • Ironclad only, Uncommon Potion: Elixir
  • Ironclad only, Rare Potion: Heart of Iron
  • Silent only, Uncommon Potion: Cunning Potion
  • Defect only, Uncommon Potion: Potion of Capacity
  • Defect only, Rare Potion: Essence of Darkness
  • Watcher only, Common Potion: Bottled Miracle
  • Watcher only, Uncommon Potion: Stance Potion
  • Watcher only, Rare Potion: Ambrosia
  • Common Potion: Blessing of the Forge
  • Common Potion: Colorless Potion
  • Uncommon Potion: Distilled Chaos
  • Uncommon Potion: Duplication Potion
  • Uncommon Potion: Liquid Memories
  • Rare Potion: Cultist Potion
  • Watcher completion achievements: Amethyst and Amethyst+


  • Calling Bell relic reworked.
  • Hovering Kite relic reworked.
  • Tiny Chest relic reworked.
  • Shop rarity relics base price reduced from 200 -> 150.
  • Black Blood relic buffed. Heal incrased from 10 -> 12.
  • Eternal Feather relic rarity changed from Boss -> Uncommon.
  • Lizard Tail relic rarity changed from Boss -> Rare.
  • Meal Ticket relic rarity changed from Shop -> Common.
  • Orrery relic rarity changed from Boss -> Shop.
  • Toolbox relic buffed. Choose 1 of 3 Colorless cards instead of obtaining a random one.
  • Toy Ornithopter relic rarity changed from Shop -> Common.
  • White Beast Statue relic rarity changed from Boss -> Uncommon.
  • Wrist Blade relic buffed. Additional damage increased from 3 -> 4.
  • Fire Breathing card reworked.
  • Reprogram card reworked.
  • Sever Soul+ card buffed. Damage increased from 20 -> 22.
  • Well-Laid Plans card cost increased from 0 -> 1.
  • Powers that gain Block at end of turn activate before cards like Burn play themselves.
  • Common potion droprate decreased from 70% -> 65%.
  • Rare potion droprate increased from 5% -> 10%.
  • Snecko Oil reworked.
  • Blood Potion healing buffed from 10% -> 20%.
  • Blood Potion rarity changed f rom Uncommon -> Common.
  • Fairy in the Bottle healing buffed from 10% -> 30% HP.
  • Focus Potion rarity changed from Uncommon -> Common.
  • Ghost in a Jar rarity changed from Uncommon -> Rare.
  • Poison Potion is now Silent only.
  • Face Trader event can no longer appear past Act 2.
  • Neow Colorless card choices now let the player choose 1 of 3 colorless cards.
  • Plated Armor power now caps at 999.
  • Mods for Custom Mode have been updated to account for the Watcher.
  • Eternal One achievement now require Amethyst & Amethyst+ achievements.

UI and Effects

  • 4:3 aspect ratio support has been added.
  • Adding SFX for Spit Web attack by Louse enemy.
  • Bigger Text mode is now available in the Settings. This increases the font size slightly everywhere.
  • Card preview tips now allow you to see cards such as Dazed when viewing Reckless Charge.
  • Cards/powers/potions that generate Upgraded Cards now just describe them with a + in their name.
  • Champ boss now recognizes if you have his belt.
  • Fatal keyword added for cards which have effects upon killing a non-Minion enemy.
  • Increased font size of tip text when unlocking cards/relics.
  • Increased scroll speed by 3x when using mousewheel to scroll for Input Settings screen.
  • Peek button has been added, allowing you to peek at the combat while a selection screen is up.
  • Pressing 0 – 9 keys in some relic view screens now play some SFX.
  • Pressing ESC no longer exits the card reward screen from another menu.
  • Relics whose effects only trigger once per combat or run now gray out when inactive.
  • Repositioned the ‘Restart game for changes’ text when changing various options in Settings screen.
  • Scrollable dropdowns such as Run History can now be scrolled using scrollwheel and arrow keys.
  • Several potions now have updated potion bottle assets.
  • Some potions are rainbow colored now. It’s groovy.
  • Uncommon potions now have small circle particle effects.
  • Rare potions now have gold sparkly visual effects.
  • Several power icons have been cleaned up.
  • Several relic assets have been cleaned up and have high resolution versions when viewing them.
  • Speed of several cards/relics have been increased and normalized across similar items.
  • Various cards with special requirements now emit a gold glow (like Dropkick).
  • When hovering Map Legend icons, tips now appear in a fixed position, no longer obscuring the map.
  • Wording updated for several relics, cards, potions, and powers to improve clarity.

Bug Fixes

  • Custom Mode now unlocks even if you play a Daily Climb offline now.
  • Dropkick card now resolves its actions in order of its description.
  • Egg relics now update card rewards in reward screens upon pickup.
  • Egg relics update card previews on Pandora’s Box confirmation screen.
  • Entropic Brew can now be used outside of combat.
  • Fixed Armaments card not updating descriptions of upgraded cards.
  • Fixed bug where after defeating certain enemies, Block would not work against thorn-like powers.
  • Fixed Card Library scrolling up slightly when opened initially.
  • Fixed cards sometimes glowing even when they cannot be played.
  • Fixed Confirm/Cancel buttons requiring two taps in touchscreen mode for Rename Panel.
  • Fixed Discovery card showing skip button when reopening screen from another menu.
  • Fixed double-played Sunder gaining energy twice on Darklings and Awakened One.
  • Fixed egg relics not upgrading card received from A Note To Yourself.
  • Fixed elites slain scores not showing up properly in Endless mode.
  • Fixed Entropic Brew filling potions slots with Sozu.
  • Fixed ESC buttons causing unusual behavior on card reward screens (blank maps, hiding the reward screen).
  • Fixed Escape Plan gaining Block when card drawn is blocked by No Draw power.
  • Fixed Fear No Evil + Mental Fortress not gaining Block before Beat of Death.
  • Fixed Juggernaut damage not changing targets if original target is dead.
  • Fixed Mayhem, Havoc, Distilled Chaos, and Omniscience sometimes not playing cards if original target is dead.
  • Fixed memory leak when initializing Merchant assets.
  • Fixed memory leaks when initializing blights for Endless mode.
  • Fixed on-enter-room relics activating again when loading a game to a post-combat rewards screen.
  • Fixed Pocketwatch relic activating too early for effects like Foresight.
  • Fixed Rebound card not working with Strange Spoon relic.
  • Fixed Tingsha relic damage not changing targets if original target is dead.
  • Heel Hook card now resolves its actions in order of its description.
  • Slime and Heart enemy SFX no longer play when game is backgrounded.
  • Stasis move from Bronze Automaton’s Orbs is now seeded.
  • Transmorgrifier event’s options are now seeded.
  • The Designer event’s options are now seeded.


  • Fixed card descriptions being initialized twice. Improving game start up time.
  • Deleted several unused font files, reducing memory usage and start up time.
  • Relics which gray out are now grayed out using a shader, rather than a grayscale image.


  • Slay the Spire is now available in Vietnamese!
  • Several strings such as time/date formatting is now localized.
  • Added various logic to improve card descriptions for CJK languages.
  • Patch V2.0 has been translated into the following languages!
    • Dutch
    • Esperanto
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Polish
    • Russian
    • Chinese (Simplified)
    • Chinese (Traditional)
    • Spanish
    • Thai
    • Traditional Chinese
    • Ukrainian
    • Vietnamese