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Escape from Tarkov Server Connection Lost | How to fix

Like with most internet-based games, Escape from Tarkov is not immune to occasional server outages. When servers go down, users may notice the Escape from Tarkov server connection lost error pop up. This is typically a server-side issue that does not require user-specific fixes, but there a few things players can do to make sure the problem isn’t on their end.

Escape from Tarkov Server Connection Lost Fix

Escape from Tarkov server connection lost fix

The Escape from Tarkov server connection lost error occurs when there is a problem between the user’s PC and the game servers. It is most often a server-side problem, and typically does not require any action on behalf of the player.

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Of course, it’s entirely possible that server connections can be lost without any actual server issues. This can happen with local internet outages, router malfunctions, or even computer errors. However, most players should be able to tell the difference between a server-side problem and an issue with their own hardware.

If you suspect your hardware is the problem, try double-checking your internet connection, restarting your computer, or restarting your modem or router. If you’re able to browse the web but unable to get into online play, the problem is almost certainly server-side.

Assuming the problem is server-side — which is the case most of the time — the only real solution is to wait it out. Escape from Tarkov is an internet-connected game, and the software cannot function as intended if servers go down. If this happens, it is entirely up to developers to sort out the server issues on their own.

Thankfully, the Escape from Tarkov support team is active on the Battlestate Games Twitter account. The developers post frequent updates about the status of the game, and usually report when servers are experiencing connection losses or other errors. If the server connection is lost but there’s no word from the developers, it may be worth checking websites such as DownDetector to see if the problem is widespread.

If the Escape from Tarkov server connection lost error is preventing you from playing the game, just hold tight. Chances are that the developers are or will soon be aware of the problem, and will issue a fix. As with any server-side connection problems in internet-connected games, patience and understanding will be key.