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Tekken 7 Patch Notes | Update Version 3.20

The developers at Bandai Namco are rolling out a new update to Tekken 7. The latest Tekken 7 patch notes for January 27, 2020 detail all of the game’s newest balance adjustments, including some oft-requested changes to popular fighter Leroy Smith. Keep reading to learn about everything being adjusted in the Tekken 7 3.20 patch notes.

Tekken 7 | Update 3.20 Patch Notes

Tekken 7 patch notes update 3.20

The patch notes for Tekken 7 update version 3.20 are admittedly brief. This update mainly focuses around a handful of balance adjustments, most of which are centered around Leroy and Josie.

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Update version 3.20 also adds in a new feature called My Replay & Tips. Using this tool, players can go back and watch their previous matches, and the game will offer suggestions on how to improve their form. Finally, this update also adjusts the occasional bout of unintentional frame rate display information with certain moves.

Here are the full Tekken 7 patch notes for update version 3.20 as provided by the developers at Bandai Namco.

  • New feature “MY REPLAY & TIPS”
    • In ”MY REPLAY & TIPS”, a player can view replays of their own matches.
    • Suggestions for improvement are displayed along with the replay.
  • Battle balance adjustment
    • Adjustments to game balance for certain characters were made. Please see the details from this page.
  • Adjustments to frame data information for certain moves were made.
    • Corrected the unintentional display of data in specific circumstances for certain moves.

As for the actual balance adjustments in Tekken 7 update 3.20, those changes can be found by visiting this pdf file on the Bandai Namco website. The bulk of the changes come to Leroy, including a timing issue with two specific moves, a change in distance after certain attacks land, and a general damage reduction for six different attacks. Talk about a hefty nerf. There are also other balance adjustments for characters Leo, Josie, Shaheen, Akuma, Geese, Lei, Yoshimitsu, Anna, and Ganryu, too, so the update 3.20 changelist is well worth a look for dedicated players.