What is the Temtem Nintendo Switch release date?

Temtem is already gaining popularity thanks to its addictive MMO-style creature-capturing gameplay. No surprises there, as the game is heavily likened to the immensely successful Pokemon series. Following its Kickstarter campaign, Temtem is already available to PC players, but it hasn’t landed on consoles just yet. Fans of Nintendo’s hybrid handhelds are wonder when they can expect the Temtem Nintendo Switch release date, and that’s what we’re here to address.

Temtem Nintendo Switch Release Date | When does it launch for Switch?

Temtem Nintendo Switch release date

Temtem is expected to release for the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2021. The developers at Crema had originally planned for Temtem to release for Switch, PS4, and Xbox One in May of 2020, but that console launch date has since been pushed back.

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This news was announced through the Temtem Kickstarter page. There, the developers stated that backers’ console keys wouldn’t be delivered “until the game is fully developed and released.” More specifically, they mention that they don’t have a “current estimation” of when the game would be ready, though they were certain it wouldn’t be ready “at least until 2021.”

With that last bit in mind, there’s no word of when in 2021 the game is expected. In fact, it’s possible that it won’t release in 2021 at all. Unfortunately in this circumstance, only time will tell.

Thankfully, the game is already available through Steam Early Access. PC players seem to be enjoying it so far, and the feedback from fans will help Temtem become the game it’s meant to be ahead of its Nintendo Switch release date. Naturally, this process will take some time.

Sorry folks: The Temtem Nintendo Switch release date won’t come around until 2021. That’s still at least a year out for those itching to jump into Crema’s latest game on any console, be it Switch, PS4, or Xbox One. Still, all good things take time, and rushing through the development process rarely results in an exceptional game.