Temtem Price | How much does Temtem cost?

Creature-collection MMO Temtem is now available in Steam Early Access. The game is not yet complete, but that hasn’t stopped players wondering about how much Temtem costs. If you’re interesting in checking out the latest game from Crema, read this guide to find out the Temtem price in territories across the globe.

Temtem Price | Temtem Steam Early Access Cost

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Temtem is available for purchase through Steam Early Access for the price of $34.99. That’s the North American price, anyway; in other territories, the cost of Temtem is set to £27.99 or €30.99.

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As things stand now, buying Temtem for $34.99 grants access to around half of the game’s planned content. Thankfully, the game does not currently feature any microtransactions, subscription fees, season passes, or pay-to-win mechanics. In that sense, it is “B2P”, or buy-to-play.

It’s worth remembering that $34.99 is the current price of Temtem on PC, specifically the Steam version. The game was funded through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, which means early backers were able to purchase the game at lower price points.

When Temtem eventually goes gold and releases for home consoles, the price is likely to change. This is often the case with Steam Early Access titles, which see an increase in price once the game makes its full release. With that in mind, the price of Temtem will likely be higher once it’s ready to launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

If you want to check out Temtem in Steam Early Access for PC, it’ll cost you a flat fee of $34.99. It’s perhaps higher than players would expect for a game that is technically unfinished, but compared to the cost of other Pokemon games, it’s quite the value. And, of course, buyers who purchase the game during Steam Early Access will be granted access to the full version once it becomes available.