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Death Stranding Update 1.10 Patch Notes

There’s a new Death Stranding update available to PlayStation 4 users, and it’s good news for players tired of the frequent BT encounter animation. Death Stranding 1.10 is a smaller patch that primarily introduces the helpful new BT Encounter Warning setting into the game. Read on to learn more about everything added and fixed in the Death Stranding update 1.10 patch notes.

Death Stranding | Update 1.10 Patch Notes

Death Stranding update 1.10 BT Encounter Warning

Death Stranding 1.10 is a small but important update. It clocks in right around a 1 GB download, so it shouldn’t take too long to install. As you’ll see after booting the game, it’s such a small update is because it only introduces one new feature: The BT Encounter Warning setting.

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This is a new toggle available in the game’s options menu that will remove the slow-motion cutscene that plays any time Sam stumbles into BT-infested areas. Before, players had to watch the cinematic every time there was a BT encounter. Needless to say, it got repetitive quickly. Now, they can toggle the cutscene to either play every time there’s a BT encounter or only during the first BT encounter.

As usual, Death Stranding update 1.10 also introduces an unknown number of undefined enhancements. Once again, the game’s patch notes don’t do much for those who like extra detail. The developers did at least offer the very brief Death Stranding update 1.10 patch notes featured below:

  • Various performance improvements
  • BT Encounter Warning Setting: Can be changed from the Title Screen in “Options” – “BT Encounter Warning”

Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing what other sort of improvements are hiding under the hood in the Death Stranding update 1.10. The BT Encounter Warning is still the main draw to this update, though. Not everyone was pleased to have to watch the same cinematic over and over, and it seems Kojima Productions heard those fans loud and clear.