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Apex Legends Duos Mode | Valentine’s Event 2020 Dates

Apex Legends Duos Mode was a big hit among the player base, but it didn’t stick around long. Thankfully, Duos Mode is coming back, albeit only for a limited time. If you’re eager to jump into one of the hottest game modes in Apex Legends, check out this guide to the Apex Legends Duos Mode Valentine’s Day Rendezvous event 2020 dates.

Valentine’s Day 2020 Event | Apex Legends Duos Mode

Apex Legends Duos Mode Valentine's Day Rendezvous 2020 dates

The upcoming Valentine’s Day Rendezvous 2020 limited-time event will see Apex Legends Duos Mode return from February 11 through February 18. This limited-time event will be the first time that Duos Mode has been seen in Apex Legends since the mode was last released in November of 2019.

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Even though a lot of work has been put into Apex Legends‘ three-player squad gameplay, Duos quickly became a hit. Players liked how working in pairs demanded more strategy, though there was a slight risk of getting matched with low-skill players. Now that the game has reached 70 million players, there are more users than ever looking for two-on-two gameplay. Thankfully, the crew at Respawn heard the community’s praise, and is bringing back Apex Legends Duos Mode for an entire week.

Along with the return of Duos Mode, the Valentine’s Day Rendezvous 2020 event also introduces a handful of special new items and exclusive cosmetics. Among these are new cosmetics such as the Valentine’s 2020 Bade, gun charms for both Nessie and Pathfinder, plus the Love the Game banner as well as the Through the Heart DMR.

Don’t miss out on any of the two-on-two action: Apex Legends Duos Mode will return for the Valentine’s Day Rendezvous event between February 11 and February 18, 2020. This game mode won’t stick around forever, and there’s no telling when it will return afterward, so it’s best to get your Duos fill in as soon as possible.