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Nioh 2 Preorder Bonuses | Special and Deluxe Edition

Nioh 2 is shaping up to be a hit, meaning players are already placing their preorders for the game. As is the new tradition, placing a Nioh 2 preorder grants access to a suite of different bonuses. Keep reading to learn more about the various Nioh 2 preorder bonuses as well as how much the Special and Deluxe editions of the game will cost.

Nioh 2 | Special and Deluxe Edition Preorder Bonuses

Nioh 2 preorder bonuses special deluxe edition

Nioh 2 preorders are available for each of the game’s three different editions: Standard, Special, and Digital Deluxe. The Standard and Digital Deluxe editions should suffice for players who only want a few digital bonuses, but preorders for the Special Edition carry a couple of real-world extras.

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Nioh 2 Standard Edition Preorder Bonuses

Nioh 2 preorder bonuses Demon Horde Armor Set

The Standard edition of Nioh 2 is fairly basic: It costs $59.99 and only includes the base game. However, players who place a preorder for the Standard edition still earn themselves the Demon Horde Armor Set. As the name implies, this bundle includes the namesake Demon Horde Armor set as well as the Sudama Netsuke Charm, a PlayStation 4 theme, and Nioh 2 PSN avatar set.

Nioh 2 Special Edition Preorder Bonuses

Nioh 2 preorder bonuses Special Edition

The Nioh 2 Special Edition is the option of choice for players who want some real-world bonuses. It costs $79.99, and includes a special steelbook case, the Art of Nioh 2 art book, and the game’s season pass. Even better, fans can nab the bonus Demon Horde Armor Set with any eligible preorder.

Nioh 2 Digital Deluxe Edition Preorder Bonuses

The Digital Deluxe Edition of Nioh 2 is meant for players who want extra in-game items without a physical copy of the game. It costs the same $79.99 as the Special Edition, but does not include the steelbook case or art book. Instead, it merely packs in the game’s season pass. As with the other editions, eligible preorders for the Nioh 2 Digital Deluxe Edition also include the Demon Horde Armor set.

All things considered, the $79.99 Nioh 2 Special Edition seems to be the best value for the money. Not only does it include the season pass and any potential preorder bonuses, it also comes with the art book and steelbook case. For the same price as the Digital Deluxe, that’s a hard deal to pass.