Nioh 2 open beta feedback addressed by devs

Nioh 2 developer Team Ninja has addressed feedback from fans who played the game’s open beta. The Nioh 2 open beta feedback resulted in a long list of key issues the developer is looking to address before the game releases, including difficulty adjustment, improved tutorials, and combat tweaks.

Team Ninja published the list of issues in a recent PlayStation Blog post, accompanied by the results of a survey gathered from beta participants. Of those who responded, 83% said they had an overall positive experience with the Nioh 2 open beta. Numerically, the worst-received aspect of the beta was the game’s tutorials. Only 66% of respondents said they had a positive experience with the tutorials, while 13% said they had a negative experience. Game progression and UI also performed relatively poorly in the survey, but both still received positive responses of 66% or more.

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nioh open beta feedback survey

The list of the beta’s key issues included around 40 items, headed up by five major points the team will address as part of the development’s “overall direction”:

  • Improve parts that felt unbalanced, and adjust difficulty level
  • Adjust the penalties against players in the Dark Realm, and introduce greater returns
  • Alleviate the overall strictness of Ki management
  • Expand and improve tutorial elements
  • Make refinements to the action and level design

The rest of the list includes individual items that expand on how these big issues will be addressed. Team Ninja plans to take actions such as adding control customization options, reducing the Ki damage enemies deal, improving camera behavior in narrow areas, eliminating Ki recovery penalties in the Dark Realm, and adding more information on-screen after deaths.

Before revealing the Nioh 2 release window of early 2020, Team Ninja previously showed off five hours of Nioh 2 gameplay across two separate videos. The gameplay detailed elements like the character creation system — a first for the series — and combat, both of which will receive adjustments following the open beta feedback.