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League of Legends Waiting in Queue Fix

Have you started League of Legends only to get stuck waiting in a queue? You’re not alone. Riot Games’ hit MOBA release attracts a lot of players, and sometimes that means a queue is formed. However, sometimes the League of Legends queue is outrageously long, to the tune of several thousand players. If you’re stuck waiting in a League of Legends queue, here’s a few ideas of how to fix the situation.

League of Legends | Stuck Waiting in Queue Fix

League of Legends waiting in queue fix

When a lot of players are trying to join League of Legends, the game often loads a screen saying “waiting in queue.” Depending on how big the server load is, your position in that queue could be anywhere from around a hundred to several thousand. To make matters worse, long League of Legends queues are prone to strike at random.

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If you’re stuck waiting in a League of Legends queue, there’s really nothing you can do to fix the situation. Most of the time, queues will slowly dwindle down until all players can eventually join a game. Other times, there is some kind of behind-the-scenes problem or server error preventing users from connecting.

The good news is this: If you’re waiting in a queue, you’re not the only one. Since player counts can fluctuate wildly throughout the day, queues are bound to happen. Most players only get frustrated when the queue becomes unusually large, and for the most part, that only seems to happen when something goes wrong.

Thankfully, huge League of Legends queues aren’t problems that need to be addressed by individual users. If server loads spike, or if some other error prevents connection to the game, the developers have to step in and make some changes.

As such, the only real solution to waiting in a League of Legends queue is to simply wait it out. If you need something to pass the time, or if you’re simply looking for an update on the game’s server status, you can always find the latest information by checking out the Riot Games Twitter account.