Female League of Legends team Vaevictus removed from Russian LCL after disastrous season

An all-female League of Legends team named Vaevictus has been removed from the Russian LCL following a poor performance in the most recent season.

The /r/leagueoflegends subreddit highlighted an article from The Loadout. The Loadout, in turn, details an article from the Russian League of Legends website talking about the removal of Vaevictus from the next season of the Russian LCL.

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“[In] 2017 Vaevictis were in the immediate vicinity of the championship, losing only Virtus.pro in the spring split final,” read a machine-translated portion of the statement. “But, unfortunately, the results of the 2019 season showed a huge difference in VAE results compared to other LCL teams, which is an unacceptable level of competitiveness in a closed league.”

The recorded stats for the female League of Legends team show a record of zero wins and 14 losses across the entire season, averaging a 0.2 Kill/Death ratio. The Reddit thread highlights the fact that the team was comprised of Diamond-tier players which are regarded by some as too low of a rank to compete in esports.

Vaevictus will still potentially be able to return to professional League of Legends play if they can win the upcoming Open Cup, a tournament that can give the winner the opportunity to return to the league. They will be replaced by TeamCrowCrowd headed up by former pro player Kirill “Likkrit” Malofeev.