Secretlab and League of Legends debut new gaming chairs

The Secretlab x League of Legends gaming chairs have debuted! These new gaming chairs bring one of the world’s biggest MOBAs and a top-tier gaming accessory company together to create a cool new crossover that lets you game in style and comfort.

The new “Champions Collection” will be available in two models: the Secretlab Omega and the Secretlab Titan. Four styles will be available for these new additions to the Secretlab x League of Legends gaming chairs collection.  The Akali Edition features her iconic kunai on scythe on the front with a dragon adorning the back. The Yasuo Edition includes his sword on the front and a beautiful cloud design on the back. Finally, the Ahri Edition puts a design from her robes on the front and lovely white fox tails on the back.

Ahri, Akali, and Yasuo are great choices for getting their own themed gaming chairs, but that’s not all: the iconic pop group K/DA is also getting repped their own style. The K/DA Edition is adorned in purple, black, and gold colors featuring the KDA logo on the front and a dragon on the back.

Secretlab x League of Legends gaming chairs KDA

These Secretlab x League of Legends gaming cahirs are made with Prime 2.0 PU Leather and supporting up to 290 lbs on the Titan series. Each of these chairs can recline and they all offer 4D armrests, memory foam head and lumbar pillows, and a snug-fit seatbase. If you spring for the Titan chair, you’ll also gain the bonus of adjustable lumbar support for top-tier comfort.

Streamers and esports pros spend a lot of time sitting down perfecting their skills and a good gaming chair lets you do just that in comfort and style. These chairs don’t just look good — Secretlab’s chairs are used at Riot Games’ global tournaments.

These new League of Legends chairs might be just the thing for you —and best of all, you can save a hefty chunk of cash by ordering directly from Secretlab. Check out the full Secretlab x League of Legends gaming chairs collection and pick the one that’s right for you!