K/DA ‘The Baddest’ song drops on YouTube, racks up 500k views in 10 minutes

Image credit: Reddit

The new K/DA ‘The Baddest’ song has finally dropped, letting gamers around the world enjoy a brand-new League of Legends K-Pop track.

Late last week, the announcement was made that a new K/DA song was going to be released very soon. This upcoming new track may have also been hinted at with the debut of Secretlab’s K/DA League of Legends gaming chairs earlier this month. It’s got some especially cool cover art, too.

This all-new song features the game’s iconic heroes Evelynn, Kaisa, Ahri, and Akali as the virtual Kpop group K/DA. Titled “The Baddest,” it features (G)I-Dle, Bea Miller, and Wolftyla providing the singing voices for these League of Legends characters. Unfortunately, it appears that some of the singers from the first song have been replaced by new talent, so might sound a little different to you than their first track “POP/STARS.”

The song just dropped on YouTube and has already racked up 500,000+ views. Needless to say, this track is poised to be just as popular as their last.

We could always do with some more cool tunes to listen to and the K/DA ‘The Baddest’ song is a catchy tune that’s well worth listening to. Check out the killer new music video for The Baddest below!