League of Legends virtual pop group K/DA is coming back with a new single next week

K/DA has a new video premiering on YouTube next week. The virtual band is made up of four League of Legends Champions and made a splash when they released “POP/STARS” in 2018. The YouTube video went on to accrue over 360 million views, and the song hit the top of Billboard’s US World Digital Songs chart.

The recently created K/DA Twitter account revealed the group would be reuniting for their second song. “The Baddest,” will premiere on August 27 at noon PDT on YouTube as a pre-release single.

K/DA is comprised of League of Legends Champions:

  • Akali
  • Ahri
  • EverlynnK
  • Kai’Sa

However, their performance as K/DA is brought to life by American singers Jaira Burns and Madison Beer, and K-Pop stars Miyeon and Soyeon of (G)I-DLE. All four of them are coming back for The Baddest, which hopefully means K/DA will stick around for a little longer this time.

K/DA isn’t just starring on YouTube, though. The group’s comeback is being commemorated on a chair by SecretLab. The K/DA Secretlab Omega and Secretlab Titan features purple, black, and gold colors. The chair has the K/DA logo on the front and a dragon on the rear. Two members of K/DA, Ahri and Akali, are also getting chairs from Secretlab via the Secretlab x League of Legends collection.

K/DA was immensely popular during their first outing. In addition to the massive amount of views on the official video for “POP/STARS,” the group has tallied over 39 million views for their performance at the 2018 League of Legends World Championship Opening Ceremony in Incheon, South Korea. Hopefully, Riot Games is expanding the project to more than just another single. The band’s mixture of K-Pop and western pop is a hit combination which could see the group rise to superstardom.