League of Legends Hack

League of Legends Dev Refuses to Pay Blackmail After Source Code Hack

League of Legends developer Riot Games has confirmed that it has received a “ransom email” by the group who hacked the company last week, but has decided not to pay them. The company also verifies that the hackers stole LoL source code, in addition to code for Team Fight Tactics and a legacy anticheat platform.

League of Legends may be vulnerable to new cheats

In an official statement on Twitter, Riot Games provided an update on the social engineering hack and made a clear response to the ransom email it has received: “Needless to say, we won’t pay.”

The developer is also “confident” that the personal information and player data for League of Legends and Team Fortress Tactics was not compromised in the hack. However, it admits that the theft of the source code will likely “increase the likelihood of new cheats emerging” and expose several experimental features that are mostly in prototype.

Riot Games has alerted law enforcement of the source code breach and are working with them to investigate the attack as well the hacking group behind the attack. It promises to provide more details on the hack itself in a future report and a statement on how the breach may impact players of both LoL and TFT.

Earlier in January, Riot Games has received death threats by League of Legends players over its Season 2023 cinematic. It’s unclear if these incidents are related at this time.

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