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Escape from Tarkov Wipe Date 2020 | When is the next server wipe?

Is there an upcoming Escape from Tarkov wipe? This has been a question on many players’ minds ever since the game skyrocketed in popularity in recent months. As it turns out, this is really more of a question of when the wipe is coming as opposed to if a wipe is coming. After all, the game will inevitably be reset at least once before it makes its full release. So when is the next Escape from Tarkov wipe scheduled? Read on to find out.

When is the next Escape from Tarkov wipe?

Escape from Tarkov wipe date 2020

It’s likely that an Escape from Tarkov wipe will occur in 2020. While there’s no specific date set, the developers at Battlestate Games have stated that global progress will be wiped when the next storyline quests are released. If those quests release alongside the next major update, players can expect an Escape from Tarkov wipe in summer of 2020.

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This information was revealed in a post made on the official Escape from Tarkov forums. There, the developers stated that a global wipe would not occur for the “next couple of months.” However, they also specified that the wipe “will be linked to storyline quests,” which suggests these quests will be somehow tied into player progression.

Effectively, this means an Escape from Tarkov wipe won’t occur any sooner than summer of 2020. However, that’s not to say that the wipe will happen around that time: That’s just the earliest it could happen. As expected, global wipes aren’t on a set schedule; progress is only ever reset on an as-needed basis.

For now, players should keep in mind the possibility of an Escape from Tarkov wipe in summer of 2020. At the very least, a global reset will occur when the game’s new storyline missions are released. Until then, we recommend making the most out of your time, as your progress may be wiped away later this year.