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Escape from Tarkov Gamma Container | How to get

Inventory management is critical in Escape From Tarkov, and that’s a good reason to buy a Gamma Container. Larger than the basic Alpha Container, the Gamma Container is a go-to for players who take the game seriously. However, it isn’t available to all players, leading many to wonder how to get the Gamma Container in Escape from Tarkov. Read on to find out more.

How to get Gamma Container | Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov Gamma Container how to get

The Gamma Container in Escape from Tarkov is given as a bonus item to players who buy the Edge of Darkness Edition. Though it’s appeared within in-game markets in the past, the Gamma Container is currently available exclusively to those who purchase the Edge of Darkness Edition of Escape from Tarkov.

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For all intents and purposes, this means the price of the Gamma Container is tied up into the $140 cost of the Edge of Darkness Edition. Thankfully, players get a lot more than just the Gamma Container with the game’s ultimate edition. Aside from a massive increase to inventory space, the Edge of Darkness bonuses also include:

  • All bonuses of all other game editions
  • Access to all present and future DLC
  • Grizzly first aid kit
  • Alfa tactical rig
  • morphine injector х2
  • SV98 sniper rifle + 1 loaded magazine
  • Silencerco Hybrid 46 silencer
  • Silencerco Hybrid 46 silencer adapter
  • pistol case (3×3)
  • 6B43 6А body armor
  • MPX submachine gun + 2 loaded magazines
  • M4 LVOA-S handguard

Naturally, the biggest draw to the Escape from Tarkov Edge of Darkness Edition would be access to all future DLC packs. With that in mind, the Gamma Container is really just icing on the cake. Still, players who want the exclusive Gamma Container will have to purchase the game’s Edge of Darkness Edition. Either that, or wait for the Gamma Container to randomly reappear throughout various in-game marketplaces — but it’s probably not a good idea to hold your breath.