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How to get Clone Pikachu in Pokemon Go

Clone Pokemon are some of the newest additions to Pokemon Go, Niantic’s hit AR-based mobile game. And, as expected, this means you can now find and capture your very own Clone Pikachu. What does it take to encounter this Pikachu variant, and how do you catch a Clone Pikachu for yourself? That’s what we’re here to discuss.

Pokemon Go | How to catch a Clone Pikachu

how to catch Clone Pikachu in Pokemon Go

Clone Pikachu aren’t creatures that you’ll encounter randomly out in the wild. Instead, they only appear when you’re taking photos of your own Pokemon. That’s right — to catch a Clone Pikachu, you need to take photos of your other Pokemon and wait for the cloned critter to jump into the camera frame.

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Thankfully, the process here is fairly easy. Even better, it shouldn’t involve much of a wait. To catch one, open Pokemon Go and select any of your previously captured Pokemon. From the creature’s profile, look for the option to take a photo of the pocket monster. Start snapping pictures, and you should find a Clone Pikachu appear sooner or later.

From here, all you need to do to catch it is to go back to the main map. The cloned Pikachu variant that appeared in the photo frame will have spawned nearby, and you’ll be able to capture it same as you would any other creature.

There is one catch, of course: Clone Pikachu won’t be available forever. If you want to snag one of your own, you only have until Monday, March 2 around 1 p.m. Pacific time to do so. At that point, all of the Clone Pokemon will disappear from the game, at least for now.

It’s not hard to catch your very own Clone Pikachu in Pokemon Go: Just load up the game and start taking pictures of your other Pokemon. Just be sure to do so before March 2, at which point Pikachu’s cloned variant will disappear.