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The Division 2 Scorchers | Where to farm

If you want to track down the Savage Wolverine in The Division 2, you’ll have to work for it. This powerful rifle is rewarded at the end of the new Firewall specialization, but the first stage requires taking out 10 flamethrower-wielding baddies known as Scorchers. Keep reading to learn where to find The Division 2 Scorchers and the best way to farm for them quickly.

The Division 2 Scorchers | Where to farm Scorchers

The Division 2 Scorchers where to farm

Scorchers in The Division 2 are pretty easy to spot: They’re Outcast enemies equipped with flamethrowers. With that said, Scorchers aren’t always easy to find. Most players might try to farm Scorchers in Outcast territory control activities, but it’s much easier to farm for them in the Roosevelt Island stronghold.

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The process here is very straightforward: There’s a location in the Roosevelt Island stronghold where a couple of Scorchers spawn consistently. Head into the stronghold alone and continue until you reach the No Respawn zone. You’ll be attacked by a group of enemies including a single Scorcher. Take them all out until The Wildfire appears, then kill him too. After he’s dead, allow yourself to be killed.

Since you’ve entered the area solo, you won’t have anyone to continue the mission and will simply respawn outside of the No Respawn area. Once that happens, the enemies will also respawn, including the Scorchers. Head back in and repeat the process until you’ve killed a total of 10 Scorchers.

It shouldn’t take much time to kill 10 Scorchers, at which point you’ll likely complete the first stage of the Firewall field research. The other requirements include setting 10 enemies on fire and killing 20 enemies at a range less than seven meters. For completing the first stage, you’ll be awarded the Apparel Cache Keys. From there, you’ll have to complete stages two through four of Firewall before you’ll earn the Savage Wolverine blueprint.

While you can find The Division 2 Scorchers in many locations, the Roosevelt Island stronghold is your best bet. This location allows you to farm Scorchers consistently and make quick work of the first stage of the Firewall field research. After that, you’ll be well on your way to earning the Savage Wolverine.