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What time does Doom Eternal release?

We’re not far away from the release date of Doom Eternal. Many fans are ready to start slaying demons, and we don’t blame them — we are, too. Of course, with the hype building to critical levels, many are wondering what time Doom Eternal will release. Keep reading to find out exactly what the Doom Eternal release time will be for different platforms and various territories across the globe.

What is the Doom Eternal release time?

what is the doom eternal release time

The Doom Eternal release time for PC is set for 12 a.m. Eastern time on March 20, 2020. In other North American time zones, Doom Eternal will release March 19 at 9 p.m. Pacific, 10 p.m. Mountain, and 11 p.m. Central.

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Since conversions can get a little tricky, Bethesda was kind enough to do the extra work for you. Here’s the time when Doom Eternal will release for players across other global territories:

  • Asia: March 19 at 12:01 JST
  • Australia and New Zealand: March 19 at 12:01 JST
  • Europe and other territories: March 20 at 12:01 GMT

The Doom Eternal release time on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will correspond to midnight in your local time zone or 12 a.m. ET for North American players. For Stadia users, the game will unlock at 12:01 a.m. Eastern time on March 20. No release time for Doom Eternal has yet been set in Japan, though the game is still scheduled to launch on March 27. And, since no Nintendo Switch release date has yet been revealed, the launch time for Nintendo’s handheld is currently unavailable.

Thankfully, those of you who have placed an eligible preorder can begin preloading Doom Eternal right now. It’s not a very large download at around 40GB, but it’s probably safer to start preloading now so you can play the game as soon as it unlocks.

The wait is nearly over: The Doom Eternal release time is set for 12 a.m. Eastern time on March 20, 2020. If you’ve already got the game preloaded, you can start ripping and tearing as soon as the clock strikes midnight.