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Are there Doom Eternal PS5 and Xbox Series X release dates?

Bethesda and id Software have done themselves proud with the release of Doom Eternal; surpassing Doom (2016) can’t have been an easy feat, but it’s one that the teams managed, as you’ll learn in our glowing review. With the game being so darned good and the release of next-generation console hardware just around the corner, might it be worth waiting for potential Doom Eternal PS5 and Doom Eternal Xbox Series X ports?

Here’s what you need to know about whether or not Doom Eternal is coming to PlayStation 5 and the next-gen Xbox Series X.

Is there a Doom Eternal PS5 version?

Doom Eternal PS5

At the time of writing, unfortunately, neither publisher Bethesda or developer id Software has made any announcement regarding a Doom Eternal PlayStation 5 port. As such, there’s no known Doom Eternal PS5 release date for us to share.

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This doesn’t rule out the possibility of a port in the future, however, especially considering that the Doom series is specifically known for its abundance of ports to a wide variety of systems. Bethesda is also no stranger to porting its games, with Skyrim being particularly infamous for its overwhelming prevalence.

Is there a Doom Eternal Xbox Series X version?

Doom Eternal PS5

As with the PS5 version outlined above, there’s no official word on a Doom Eternal Xbox Series X port being in the works. Again, that means there isn’t a Doom Eternal Xbox Series X release date at this point in time.

It isn’t out of the question that a port could materialize in the future, though what is certain is that the Xbox One version of Doom Eternal should be fully playable on Xbox Series X via backward compatibility. It’s possible that the game will feature performance and visual upgrades when played in the is fashion, as was recently showcased with a variety of backward compatible titles.