Will there be an Overwatch 2 Battle Pass?

Will there be an Overwatch 2 Battle Pass? With increasing regulation against loot boxes, the folks at Blizzard Entertainment are considering moving away from Overwatch 2 loot boxes in favor of a Battle Pass system. The big question is: will they actually do it?

Will There Be an Overwatch 2 Battle Pass?

Will there be an Overwatch 2 Battle Pass? push

Believe it or not, Blizzard Entertainment actually pays attention to the laws around the world. More and more countries are restricting (or outright banning) randomized loot boxes in video games. Overwatch currently makes use of the loot box microtransaction model, and Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan looks like he made lead the team in a new direction.

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“Well, we have made a lot of changes to loot boxes and how they work over the years, so we’re definitely open to change,” Mr. Kaplan said to PCGamesN. “Overwatch 2, in terms of business model, we’re exploring different options that move us away from loot boxes, but I think that will be more for Overwatch 2 than the core game. I would never rule anything out.”

So, will there be an Overwatch 2 Battle Pass? Based on what Jeff Kaplan is saying here, it looks like he’s open to the option of setting up such a system for Overwatch 2. However, it also seems that he’s saying a Battle Pass may only debut in Overwatch 2 and not the first game.

That said, it’s entirely possible that some kind of Battle Pass would have to be added to the first Overwatch game anyway. Blizzard shows no signs of shutting down Overwatch anytime in the near future, and a shift to a Battle Pass system would keep them in compliance with laws around the world.

Will There Be Overwatch 2 Loot Boxes?

Will there be an Overwatch 2 Battle Pass? loot box

Naturally, the existence of a Battle Pass might mean that we’ll see loot boxes go away. Will there be Overwatch 2 loot boxes?

Based on Mr. Kaplan’s comments above, it seems that the team may be leaning away from them. However, it would be poor business sense not to take advantage of an opportunity if it can be done legally and without harming the business. We may very well see loot boxes and a Battle Pass system for Overwatch 2 in countries where it’s legal to do so and no loot boxes in countries where it’s not.