Blacklight Developer Zombie Studios Closes

Zombie Studios, the development team behind titles like Blacklight: Retribution and Daylight, is officially closing its doors.

"The owners of Zombie Studios are retiring and wish to thank you, our fans for the years of support you have provided us," the company explained in a letter on its website. "It has been awesome working with the various technology over the years, both hardware and software, growing with the industry and our fans, and producing fun games and technology of our own."

A new studio, dubbed Builder Box Games, will acquire the rights to Blacklight: Retribution. The team is made up of former Zombie Studios employees, so it's safe to say the franchise is in good hands. 

"Builder Box will be working with Perfect World so that, as a fan, you can look forward to more updates and exciting changes in the coming year," the new studio said on Facebook. "Thank you for all the support that you have given Zombie and Blacklight over the years, and we look forward to your ongoing support as we transition to Builder Box.”