Call of Duty Online Launches in China

Call of Duty Online has officially launched in China, Activision and Tencent have announced.

"Millions of gamers in the West have come to appreciate that white-knuckled, epic thrill-ride that only Call of Duty delivers," CEO of Activision Publishing Eric Hirshberg said. "And now an entire new audience of gamers will experience this for the first time.  We believe Call of Duty Online is going to be a game-changer for Chinese gamers."

Call of Duty Online is a free-to-play version of Activision's shooter and was developed by the folks at Raven Software.

The gaming market in China is massive, so there's no doubt Activision expects to make quite a bit of profit by tapping into such a large audience. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how well the game's free-to-play model works before we know just how successful Call of Duty's presence in China will be.