Xbox Live Indie Game Summer Uprising Scheduled

Don't let the price tags fool you. Some of the Xbox Live Indie Games are quality titles with lots of replay value and plenty of ingenuity. The Indie Games Summer Uprising has eight games lined up for organized release, including two titles chosen by fans at the end of the 10-day event.

On Monday, August 22nd, Raventhrone will lead the pack with games releasing every week day through September 2nd. If you're on the fence as to whether or not you want to spend your spare Microsoft Points on these games, remember that EVERY Xbox Live Indie game has a demo available for players to check out. Here's the schedule:

Monday, Aug. 22: Raventhrone

Tuesday, Aug. 23: Battle High: San Bruno

Wednesday, Aug. 24: Cute Things Dying Violently

Thursday, Aug. 25: T.E.C. 3001

Friday, Aug. 26: Doom and Destiny

Monday, Aug. 29: Take Arms

Tuesday, Aug. 30: SpeedRunner HD

Wednesday, Aug. 31: Train Frontier Express

Thursday, Sept. 1: Fan Vote No. 1

Friday, Sept. 2: Fan Vote No. 2

Head over to the Indie Games Summer Uprising Facebook page to "rock the vote" (that is how you cool indie kids are saying it right?) and check out some of the games featured in this little revolt.