Ridiculously Overpriced Used Wii Games Get Convenient Rereleases Thanks to Nintendo’s Digital eShop

[Jump to 8:30 for details regarding Metroid Prime Trilogy's rerelease. Later, Nintendo discusses bringing Xenoblade Chronicles to "New" Nintendo 3DS.]

GameStop had recently received a rash of complaints regarding overpriced used Wii games, though each case remains of note due to the nature of supply regarding each game. Both Metroid Prime Trilogy and Xenoblade Chronicles will get a new lease on life thanks to digital download initiatives on both Wii U home console hardware and Nintendo 3DS handhelds.

First, Nintendo released a select few units of Metroid Prime Trilogy Collector's Edition for Wii. With both Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes new to the Wii control scheme in this package, gamers had trouble tracking down new or used copies at reasonable prices. GameStop used its limited secondhand stock to keep the price through its in-store or online exchanges high. The same is true of Xenoblade Chronicles, though that title offers a unique rerelease as well.

Metroid Prime Trilogy is set to be made available for download on Wii U via the eShop by the end of this month. Xenoblade Chronicles will be made available to "New" Nintendo 3DS owners later this Spring. Neither game has technically fallen in price due to limited availability, but both will be available to download in the consumer's home in 2015.

Do you think more games should be made available digitally in order to cut-off the profits certain retailers make via secondhand sales? Can publishers uncover more revenue by the same method? I'm still curious as to how many Wii U console owners have downloaded Earthbound.