Ubisoft Reveals Grow Home

Beginning as an experiment between eight developers at Ubisoft Reflections, the developer behind Watch Dogs, Grow Home has been turned into a fully fledged title that will release on PC in just a matter of weeks on February 4. Surprise!

Revealed by the official Ubisoft blog, the project follows a Botanical Utility Droid, nicknamed BUD, who must find a plant in the galaxy that will regenerate oxygen on his world. By growing and cultivating the Star Plant, it will gradually become a "two-kilometer-high bridge from the ground to his space ship."

Ascending the plant will see BUD explore floating islands and strange lands with a variety of plants and animals. Talk about a magical beanstalk, eh? While there will be branches that BUD can ride to reach other connected islands in the sky, the environment will be both physics-based and procedurally animated.

Eventually, players will reach a height that might give "a real sense of vertigo." If you ever fall off by accident, though, there will be teleportation pads and flower parachutes to improve BUD's locomotion throughout the environment as well as his chances of snagging a branch with his hands. Overall, Ubisoft Reflections believes that it has "created a beautiful and intriguing world that invites you to climb that next ledge and see what new surprised you'll find."