With Battlefield Hardline Beta Coming Soon, DICE Reveals New Maps and Modes

Battlefield Hardline is set for release this year, but before Electronic Arts want to push the game out to retailers they'll hold another beta test with new maps and modes to explore.

In a post titled "This Season on Battlefield Hardline" EA and DICE share that "Crim is the name of the game but the cops aren't having it. From blowing open bank vaults to protecting illegal ops, do whatever it takes or you will get busted."

Maps include Downtown, Bank Job, The Block, Dust Bowl, Hollywood Heights, Growhouse, Derailed, Riptide, and Everglades (with video of this map added to this post). Click here for screenshots and video of all of these maps, courtesy of EA's Battlefield.com.

Familiar modes like Conquest and Team Deathmatch are joined by the likes of Heist, Blood Money, Hotwire, Rescue, and Crosshair which challenges players to capture or kill VIPs with criminals hoping to eliminate state's witnesses while the cops hope to usher them to safety.

For more Battlefield Hardline, click here for our hands-on preview from last year's E3. We hope to get more hands-on time with the title in the coming weeks.