Firefall Adds PvE Area, New Monsters, New Rep System, and More in February

In 2011 I managed to get my hands on Firefall before the game's release, but it's continued past launch and managed to persistently add content though next month's update brings a lot more including a "rare mutated monsters to stalk" and a reputation system.

At the Penny Arcade Expo, the massive (and very early) Firefall demonstration introduced me to jump packs, various weaponry, and the types of game modes players could launch into, but a "new level 40 PvE" area called Amazon Warzone sounds cool along with those monsters in I mentioned previously in a mode called Big Game Hunter.

Loot, Ranged Weapons, and likely graphics tweaks (not confirmed by the message we've seen from the game's PR team) will arrive sometime in the next month. We assume that means February, so look for more details on our homepage or follow our game page by clicking the title above or below.