Nintendo Remains in the Black but Halves Forecasts

Nintendo's Q3 financial results are in, and while the company was profitable this last quarter, it's tracking well below its initial forecasts.

Unfortunately, the Big N doesn't anticipate reaching an operating profit of ¥40 billion yen for the fiscal year as initially projected. Instead, that target has now been slashed in half, down to just ¥20 billion.

New Nintendo 3DS had a rather strong launch in Japan and Australia, with the XL model vastly outperforming the standard one. Meanwhile, regular 3DS sales in North America and Europe continue to stagnate, but software sales were up thanks to the likes of Pokémon ORAS and Smash Bros 3DS.

Wii U sales have been up, as the selling power of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and amiibo have helped move hardware. In fact, Nintendo is reporting that 1.91 million units were sold this past quarter, bringing its yearly numbers up to 3.03 million, ever closer to that 3.6 million year-end goal. Lifetime sales of the console are now at 9.2 million. While not mind blowing, it certainly is an improvement.

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