Gearbox Software Game Developer Leaves to Write Original Series for Hulu

Hulu has gone to great lengths to add original content to its platform and starts a new series with RocketJump (also known as the video team founded by Freddie Wong, Matthew Arnold, and Desmond Dolly) and Anthony Burch of Gearbox Software and Borderlands fame.

Burch tweeted the news and posted a press release on the forum NeoGAF, where I'm assuming he's also posted under his own username. The post there features a headline and links to Burch's blog which also features the press release. Head of Originals at Hulu Beatrice Springborn said:

As we continue to add the best talent to Hulu, it was a natural choice for us to partner with Freddie Wong and RocketJump. With so many great content creators in the media landscape—from film, to television, to YouTube—Freedie Wong and the RocketJump team undoubtedly bring their own brand of creativity and a new wave of talent to Hulu.

Burch will join the production developing Video Game High School, now in its third season. Click here to watch the show. Click here to visit Hulu's homepage and sign up for Hulu Plus where new episodes of the show *should* appear soon.

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