Here’s What Nintendo Pitched for Harry Potter in 1998

Nintendo of America developer a pitch in 1998 to gain exclusive rights to developer Harry Potter video games, reveals Unseen64, a website committed to unveiling "beta, unreleased, and unseen videogames."

An artist at Nintendo Software Technology said that when Nintendo had the opportunity to secure the Harry Potter franchise, the production of its three other games were halted immediately to pitch two possible games: one third-person adventure title and a quidditch game.

Nintendo would have released both Harry Potter franchises on Nintendo 64, Gameboy Advance, and Gamecube (plus future platforms) near the launch of each book in the series.

The concept art for the action-adventure title, however, changed halfway through from a style based on the original book cover art by Thomas Taylor to a design that was "more manga/Japanese." The art for the quidditch title also realized Hermione in "a more realistic take." 

In the end Warner Bros. secured the rights to the franchise and contracted Electronic Arts to create numerous video game adaptations, critically scoring in the 6-7 range.

Would Nintendo have changed the franchise for the better?