Harry Potter: Quidditch spiritual successor Broomstick League beta goes live this weekend

Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup spiritual successor Broomstick League will go live in closed beta this weekend, with players able to jump into the wizardry-based sports game on Saturday, December 7.

Though not affiliated with the Harry Potter license, the game’s comparisons to the fictional sport played in the Harry Potter films and books is clear. Pitting two teams on broomsticks against one another, the game takes its cues from Rocket League but with a magical twist.

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Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup was released way back in 2003, with fans requesting a sequel for many years now. While Broomstick League doesn’t exactly fill that void, it provides an alternative with simplified rules — there are no Golden Snitches in this sport!

Broomstick League is set to release on Steam in Q1 2020. Players can sign up for its closed beta test right now by heading over to its official website and filling out the Google Doc.

Watch the trailer below: