Minecraft Harry Potter mod is practically a whole new game

Minecraft Harry Potter mod created by the appropriately-named Floo Network team is looking pretty darn good, promising what’s practically a total conversion experience in Mojang’s blocky building game Minecraft.

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Floo Network released a trailer for their Minecraft mod that shows a number of iconic locations like Hagrid’s hut, the Room of Requirement, the Philospher’s Stone/Sorceror’s Stone chambers, and other places. A team consisting of “primarily poor students” began work on making the Harry Potter map more than two years ago, and they’ve since been stepping up their game.

There are plenty of teams who re-create locations from other games in Minecraft, but Floo Network is taking things to the next level by adding in new gameplay as well. The trailer shows an awful lot of early gameplay, including (but not limited to):

  • spellcasting
  • broomstick flying
  • fighting against various magical creatures
  • solving puzzles
  • exploring locations

You’ll be able to play the Minecraft Harry Potter mod titled Minecraft School of Witchcraft and Wizardry whenever the Floo Team is done with it. Alternatively, you can consider donating to their Patreon as they’re experimenting with letting Patreon supporters explore the current version of the map. Check out some of the things you can do in the mod by watching the gameplay trailer below.