Harry Potter Quidditch meets Rocket League in Broomstick League

There hasn’t been a dedicated Harry Potter Quidditch game in a long time, but it seems that a developers have decided to fill the gap with their own take on the fantasy wizarding sport. Broomstick League is a newly-announced title from Virtual Basement and Blue Isle Publishing, and it may well be the Quidditch game that we’ve all been hoping for.

For those of you out there who aren’t Potterheads, here’s a brief primer on Quidditch: This fictional fantasy sport is played by the wizards in the Harry Potter book and film franchise. Two teams of players ride atop flying brooms and must try to get a ball called the “quaffle” through one of three hoops. There are also two balls called “bludgers” that try to run into people as well as a “golden snitch” that, once captured, ends the game and scores that team 150 points.

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This fantasy sport has been in some of the franchise’s video games in the past, but there hasn’t been a dedicated Harry Potter Quidditch game since the PlayStation 2 era. Broomstick League seeks to fill that gap, although it isn’t exactly the same sport.

One of the most noticeable differences between Broomstick League and Harry Potter Quidditch is the fact that there is only one goal as opposed to three. There does not appear to be bludgers or a golden snitch, and teams are reduced to three players on each side. That said, everyone is flying on a broom and chasing a single ball, hoping to get it into a goal.

Those aren’t the only differences, though. Unlike the Harry Potter version, Broomstick League will allow you to use spells. A “Blast” spell can knock the ball out of your opponent’s hands and a “Blink” spell can teleport you to an advantageous position, making it easy as pie to score a goal.

If Broomstick League sounds like your kind of jam, you’ll be able to get it sometime in the first quarter of 2020. In the meantime, you can add the game to your wishlist on Steam and see the game in action in the announcement trailer featured below.