Harry Potter Wizards Unite Trailer Shows Out of Control Brooms

A newly-released Harry Potter Wizards Unite trailer shows us some brooms that have gone rogue. The riderless Nimbus 2000s are seen in speed camera footage on the motorway and are a sign that they are not functioning properly, emphasizing the idea that magic is getting out of control.

The opening of the Harry Potter Wizards Unite trailer introduces the logos of the game’s developers along with a note that the spell has been “muggle-proofed”. The scene then shifts to a speed camera overlooking some road construction. A couple of Nimbus 2000 brooms blow past and a speedometer records them traveling well in excess of 150 miles per hour (more than 240 kph). We then get a slow-motion look at the brooms before it shifts to some kind of card detailing the issue. The Riderless Nimbus is listed as “Trace No. 74” with a threat level indication and a registry symbol of a golden snitch.

A news post on the game’s official website expands on what we see in the Harry Potter Wizards Unite trace trailer. The post states that the riderless brooms were flying over a road that was fortunately unoccupied at the time, although a speed camera did catch them on film. Regrettably, the speed camera was unharmed in the incident. The Riderless Nimbus is stated to be moving erratically and at an “alarming speed”, suggesting that something has gone haywire with their magic. The news post continues by noting that the Statute of Secrecy Task Force is on the case and attempting to get a handle on the situation before Muggle authorities figure out what’s happening.

The news post concludes that the Riderless Nimbus brooms may try to seek out a sports arena and that Statute of Secrecy Task Force agents would likely be able to find them there. As this is a Niantic game similar to Pokemon Go, it appears that we may have just gotten our first indication of the Poke Stop equivalent in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Don’t forget to sign up for the beta!