That Minecraft Harry Potter RPG is finally playable

A little over a month ago, we wrote about a really neat Minecraft Harry Potter RPG. Now, the Floo Network mod team has finally made the mod playable!

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If you’re not yet familiar with this mod, the absolute madlads at the Floo Network mod team have recreated tons of iconic scenes from the Harry Potter franchise in Minecraft. Building famous locations in Minecraft is nothing new, but what the Floo Network has done with their mod takes things to the next level.

There’s the fact that this is more than just some texture swaps, as they’ve added moving parts to the game like the animated Weasley sign and the magical brick wall in Diagon Alley. But the real cool stuff is the fact that they’ve added an entire magic system to the game. You don’t just get to experience the world of Harry Potter — you can play in it.

This magical mod is currently in Alpha 0.4. You can download the Minecraft Harry Potter RPG from the Floo Network. Check out the mod’s trailer below.