Minecon replacement Minecraft Live will let players vote on a new mob

Minecraft Live has been announced as an online-only event that will serve as a Minecon replacement for 2020. This livestream event is going to be packed with a lot of cool stuff — including the ability for players to vote on a new Minecraft mob.

Minecon has served as the world’s biggest Minecraft event for the last few years, letting players get together and celebrate all things Minecraft. Unfortunately, this year’s pandemic means that people won’t be able to get together in person and Mojang has decided on a livestream event.

This year’s livestream will feature updates on what’s coming for Minecraft, naturally. Players will also get to vote on the future of the game by selecting the next new mob to be introduced to Minecraft according to the announcement.

You’ll be able to watch Minecraft Live online on October 3, 2020 at 12:00 PM Eastern Time. You can keep up with this upcoming livestream event on its official website.