Minecraft creator Notch deletes Twitter to stop a YouTuber talking politics

A disagreement over politics saw Notch delete his Twitter account earlier today. Minecraft created Markus “Notch” Persson was upset at YouTuber Game Maker’s Toolkit complaining about political ads on his channel, ultimately striking a deal that resulted in the closure of Notch’s Twitter account by his own hand.

Notch is best known for being the creator of Minecraft. In recent years, however, he’s been more well-known for controversial comments on his Twitter account. His statements on social media led to him being excluded from the Minecraft 10th anniversary celebration and may have contributed to his name being removed from the Minecraft splash screen.

Notch Twitter deleted

Minecraft creator Notch deleted his Twitter as the result of an argument with YouTube content creator Game Maker’s Toolkit. Game Maker’s Toolkit had complained about President Donald Trump’s campaign ads showing up on his channel and that resulted in Notch striking a deal with him to delete his Twitter account.

“The channel earned an extra £1,000 in revenue – which is cool, but I don’t feel that’s enough to warrant a worse user experience (including  _____ reelection ads. ______)” read a partially-censored tweet from Game Maker’s Toolkit. According to ResetEra, the censored portions referred to Trump.

The above tweet led to Notch complaining about the politics, to which Game Maker’s Toolkit retorted that he would stop if Notch would delete his Twitter. The Minecraft creator unexpectedly agreed to the deal and subsequently followed through — Notch’s Twitter account is no more.

While Notch’s Twitter account has since been deleted, it may not be gone forever. Twitter users have a period of 30 days to reactivate their account, so it’s entirely possible that Notch may return to the social media platform. He could also just make a new Twitter account. Either way, the only thing predictable thing about Notch is that he’s unpredictable, so we can’t really say what the future holds for the man behind Minecraft.