Tri-Ace Acquired By Mobile Game Company

Japanese developer Tri-Ace, best known for RPGs such as Valkyrie Profile and the Star Ocean series, looks like it will shift its focus to mobile games in the wake of its acquisition by Nepro Japan.

The announcement, translated by Siliconera, details Nepro Japan's strong focus on mobile games. The company acquired Tri-Ace in an effort to push its mobile sales even further, so Tri-Ace will begin development on smartphone games in the near future.

Nepro Japan's statement went on to mention its other subsidiary, Mobile & Game Studio, and how the team there compliments Tri-Ace. Nepro Japan feels confident about both studios and their ability to create standout mobile titles.

The news surely disappoints Tri-Ace fans, but it's not a huge surprise. Earlier this week Sega acquired and invested in three mobile studios. Both moves signify the shift to mobile markets within Japanese game development.