What Are You Playing? February 22nd, 2015

PlayStation Vita might take flack from the masses for its abundance of ports and remakes, but I sure am enjoying the hell out of Borderlands 2 on it. The image quality of screenshots looks kinda shitty, but the visuals are way good on the actual Vita system. Dat OLED.

I'm not high on Gunzerker, however. I should have picked something else. He's so short that I can't identify some items from treasure chests, and his voice clips are horrible. He sounds like he's dropping a shit the size of a coffee table every time he melee attacks something.

I picked assassin on PS3, and I guess the thing allows me to import characters, but that's my multiplayer character. Playing solo with him wouldn't feel right. I might start over with something else. Is Siren good for solo? Commando seems too generic and it doesn't sound like something I want to be. I want to go commando but not be a commando.

Sadly, my main PSN region is Japan and the game is the NA version, so it doesn't look like I can use the DLC codes that it came with unless I want to reset my system and go through a bunch of crap. No Psycho for me. 🙁

I'm also in the final chapter of Yakuza 5 (just taking a time out) and will polish it off any minute now. It's been fun, but it does indeed feel like it's time for that one to wrap up.

What are you playing?