Rockstar Announces Release Dates for GTA V Online Heists, PC Version

It's been a long wait for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, and an even longer one for the game's online heists. Now fans have two specific dates they can mark on their calendars: March 10th for heists, and April 14th for the PC release.

Online heists in Grand Theft Auto V allow four players to join each other in elaborate robberies, much like the single-player campaign. The team will have to set a course of action, gather materials, and complete other important tasks in the multi-part heists.

As for the PC release, the new April 14th date marks yet another delay. Earlier this year Rockstar pushed the game back to March 24th, but prospective buyers will have to wait an additional few weeks in light of the news. According to Rockstar, anyone who pre-orders the game on PC will receive $200,000 of in-game cash in GTA Online "as a gesture of thanks for your understanding."

Rockstar promises more information in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the GTA faithful can take a look at Rockstar's official post for a handful of brand new screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V's online heists.