Fable Legends Will Be Free to Play

Fable Legends, the upcoming action role-playing game headed to both Xbox One and PC, will be free-to-play, Microsoft has just announced.

In order to play the game, Xbox One owners will need a Gold subscription to Xbox Live, and PC users will need a Windows 10 machine. Players will be able to make their way through the entire experience without paying a cent, with a limited selection of characters available to choose from.

How does the in-game payment system work then? According to Lionhead, "A set of Heroes will be available to play for free for a limited time, after which a new set of Heroes will take their place. This gives you the chance to play every Hero in the game for free over time, and any progress made on a Hero will be kept until they come back into rotation."

Fable Legends pits a team of four against a single player-controlled dungeon master who's tasked with thwarting their efforts. For more on the game, check out our preview.

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