Square Enix to Re-Remaster, Re-Release Final Fantasy X HD on PS4; Re-Re-Release Date Re-Re-Revealed

"What can I do for you," the Square Enix once asked.

"Release the same games over and over again," said some very vocal, apparently rich fans.

"Only if you keep giving us a shitload of money," said the Square Enix.

And so it was.

If it seems like only last year Final Fantasy X and X-2 splashed onto PS3 and Vita in HD, that's because it was. Nonetheless, Square Enix will release the game… again… on PlayStation 4 on May 12 in North America, May 14 in Japan. Eurodate still pending.

It allows the ability to switch between remastered and original soundtracks as well as cross-save among PS3, Vita, and PS4 versions, so you can take your data onto anything you please.

Here's a quick graphical comparison. PS3:


So I guess if you haven't played these already, but you like JRPGs, then…

Unless they do it again for PS5, of course.

Did you see that thing I did about the first Final Fantasy? If not, here, watch it. It's historical and stuff.